PuppiesDog Grooming Penrith

Bathing and grooming your puppy is a learning experience.They need to have regular exposure to the noise and smells in the grooming trailer, including being touched by brushes, clippers & scissors.

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Large DogsMobile Dog Wash Penrith
Large Dogs

With the right equipment a large dog can be bathed and groomed in comfort.With a door in the bath and an electric grooming table, large dogs are can have a pleasant experience (no aggressive dogs).

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Working DogsMobile Dog Groomer Penrith
Working Dogs

Working dogs are your shadow 24/7.They are either helping out at work or are just there for the ride. Give them the pampering they deserve!

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Breed TrimsMobile Dog Grooming Penrith
Breed Trims

Grooming isn't about shaving dogs hair off to the skin. Certain breeds need hairstyling to look like their breed standard. A beautiful hairstyle can be done that is manageable for a pet with some TLC.

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Barking Bathhouse

Are you over having you dogs hair shaved to the skin?  What about treating your dog to a new hairstyle?  Your dog will stand out in the dog park and on the street!  Dog Grooming isn’t always about clipping off, it depends on the coat length and coat type to what grooming practice should be applied to keep the uniqueness of their coat.

If the owner has a grooming dog and they do not brush or they only top brush and the dog has not seen a groomer for more than 6 weeks a shave off is the only solution because of tangles and matting. You should learn how to brush, what are the correct tools, and how often. Barking Bathhouse can talk about brushing with you. At the end of the day you decided on a grooming dog and as a caring owner you should be brushing your dog on a regular basis. Knots hurt and cause skin irritations. Its in your dogs best interest that you learn how to brush the correct way. Brushing  also develops a close bond between you and your dog .

I would recommend thinning out the undercoat for a doubled coated dog – collie/  husky ,  if you clip-  their nature cooling mechanism is destroyed , their skin is not protected from the sun and because they have no guard hairs left they cannot control their body temperatue . Clipping can also trigger hot spot and skin irritations.

You should keep a silky coat soft-  english cocker/ springer spaniel,  if you clip-  the coat will become coarse. This coat should remain soft with the top coat having its undercoat taken out and not shaved.

The coat of a terrier –  border terrier /westie  which should be hard and wiry, if you clip  – the coat will become soft. The undercoat should be taken out and certain areas should be hand stripped.

Poodle and Bichons should be bathed and fluffed dryed and then finished off with scissoring.

Barking Bathhouse Dog Grooming offers professional grooming for your pooch in The Hills Area, Penrith Area, Lower Blue Mountains,  Blacktown Area, Camden,  Campbelltown and Green Valley Area.

I hold Certificate 3 in Pet Grooming from TAFE so I am a qualified dog groomer and to further my education attend grooming seminars,  have lessons with experienced competition groomers and have competed in Dog  Grooming and Dog Show Competitions.

This business operates with clients to be booked in on a regular basis with a choice of two, four, six, eight, ten or twelve weeks. I am a mobile service with a modern and purpose built trailer that has air-conditioning and a warm hydro bath. Premium Dog Shampoos and coat conditioners and finishing sprays are used. Your dog is first hand washed and the second wash is the hydro bath.A conditioner is then applied for the third and final wash. You will see the difference.

PUPPY GROOMING SCHOOL –  You have just bought a puppy you  then take them to a Puppy School to learn commands and to be socialised.Next step is to get your puppy booked into Barking Bathhouse Puppy  Grooming School –   Puppies need to be trained to accept and enjoy being groomed.With no training you will end up with either a scared dog or a bitey dog who hates the whole experience. Later on,  it will be very difficult for you to find a groomer who wants to deal with a dog that is  not a good canine citizen . Why muzzle a dog if it was only trained to be groomed on a regular basis when they were a puppy.With regular exposure on a  4 week  basis your puppy will learn the grooming positions and be exposed to all the noises and smells in the grooming trailer. After their third vaccination they should be enrolled on  a 4 week regular basis. In the end they will be Trained to Accept and Enjoy being Groomed.

NOTE- Barking Bathhouse does not take bookings for bitey dogs.It is about educating your puppy when they are young to become good canine citizens.

Business  Days: Thursday – Monday