PuppiesDog Grooming Penrith

Bathing and grooming your puppy is a learning experience.They need to have regular exposure to the noise and smells in the grooming trailer, including being touched by brushes, clippers & scissors.

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Large DogsMobile Dog Wash Penrith
Large Dogs

With the right equipment a large dog can be bathed and groomed in comfort.With a door in the bath and an electric grooming table, large dogs are can have a pleasant experience (no aggressive dogs).

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Working DogsMobile Dog Groomer Penrith
Working Dogs

Working dogs are your shadow 24/7.They are either helping out at work or are just there for the ride. Give them the pampering they deserve!

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Breed TrimsMobile Dog Grooming Penrith
Breed Trims

Grooming isn't about shaving dogs hair off to the skin. Certain breeds need hairstyling to look like their breed standard. A beautiful hairstyle can be done that is manageable for a pet with some TLC.

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Barking Bathhouse

Welcome to my website Barking Bathhouse Dog Grooming

Dog Owners this industry is not regulated.

Three Categories- dog washers, dog shavers and The Dog Groomers.

Difference – Dog washers and dog shavers  have usually only done a basic course and have limited knowledge about the different coat types. They are taught to shave dogs  and this is why dog owners have been misinformed about how their dogs should be groomed.The Dog Groomer has Certificate 3 from TAFE  or a member of a Recognised Professional Grooming Body . Understands all the different coat types and how to groom them, has extensive knowledge about what tools and grooming products to be used for each coat, has more advanced training by recognised groomers who compete in the dog grooming world – dog shows and groom comps. They should know how to scissor and also handstrip dogs. There grooms will stand out above the rest.

Who Am I- My name is Adrian, Certificate 3 from Tafe in Pet grooming (dogs) , competed in dog grooming competitions and dog shows, lessons from competition dog groomers, lessons from dog show breeders-English Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Schnauzers.

Specialist In Coat Types- You dont shave every dog, each coat is treated differently.I have knowledge on Smooth/Short Coats – boxers/ staffy, Combination Coats – golden retriever/ border collies and Double Coats – akita,husky and german shepherd, Heavy Coats – samoyed , pomeranean, chow chow, Silky Coats –  english cocker spaniel, english springer spaniel  , Wire Coats – west highland terriers and miniature schnauzers.

Grooming Methods- Washing – 3 washes, Shaving – smooth shaved – no bitey dogs, Hairstyles- finished with scissoring , extra charges apply for dematting and de knotting, Breed Trims- to breed standard for a pet,

Brushing/Combing- I work on what is presented to me as a groomer. I identify knots and matts and discuss action to either shave or de matt/de knott. Extra charges apply for the de- knotting/ de- matting. Common sense says the dog has hair the owner has to brush and comb their dog, it is your job.

Dog Shaving Mistakes- dont shave Silky Coats -english cockers- it makes the coat coarse, dont shave Combination/ Double Coats- their nature cooling system is destroyed,guard hairs can not protect the dog from the sun, more undercoat is created, hot spot and skin irritations can occur ( diet can also be attributed to hot spots), canine alopecia could occur.  Vets shave dogs for operations. Shaving a dog does not necessarily make him cooler! Humans sweat through their skin. Dogs sweat through their glands in their feet and the base of their nasal cavity. Since dogs do not sweat through their skin,they do not have a cooling mechanism like humans so shaving a dog is a waste of time if your aim is to keep the dog cooler. Maybe it is an excuse not to brush and comb?  I know many pet owners for years have been shaving these coats  and have been lucky not to have any skin or coat issues. You do not understand the function of these coats. As a pet care professional it is my job to try to educate my clients to groom theses breeds to the breed standard for a pet. One of my mentors constantly reminds me to  ” always have an open mind”‘.

Functions of the Undercoat- it serves as insulation. Keeps the dog warm in winter. As the days become longer they shed. Shedding is influenced by light and not temperature.The dog needs help from owners and groomers to remove the undercoat regularly to keep the dog cool. Many of these coats have an oil protective coating to repel water from reaching the skin. The double coat serves to protect the dog from the weather conditions, cold water temperatures and rough terrain when performing jobs that they were bred for.

Myths- washing combination/double coated breeds and blowing out the dead hair with a dryer is good enough -( the undercoat must be regularly raked) , summer clips- shave my dog to keep my dog cool and stop hotspots.( Your dog can still have a hairstyle as long as the undercoat  is thinned out),  shave every breed-  (never shave pomeraneans, chow chows, german shepherds, samoyeds, colllies or keeshonds). I dont need to brush and comb my dog just get my matted mutt shaved-  (knots and tangles annoy and hurt your dog) ,  my dog has not knots -( they are going to be there they are 1mm/ 2mm above skin level) , my dog is a biter just muzzle it- (its not about blaming the breed , or the dog but the owner- you buy a puppy it must be trained to be groomed after the third vaccination by a qualified dog groomer on a regular basis).

Barking Bathhouse Puppy Grooming School- After 3rd vaccination  your puppy should be trained to be groomed regularly. No training you get a scared, bitey dog,who doesnt like to be brushed or touched. As an owner you must participate as well – touching and brushing/combing your dogs hair to the skin level and not just top brushing/combing.
Cancellation – 2/3 days notice, serious bookings only, leave space for two cars outside your house on the road, owner ready/ dog ready, dont lie about your dog I will find out, charges apply for coming to your house, you know your dog I dont – you must be present in the beginning for me to see how your dog behaves , bitey dogs not welcome- owner should have had the puppy trained to be groomed regularly. I choose what dogs I will service, I will ask a lot of questions to get a grooming history of your dog please be patient and please answer honestly. Dogs bite and can cause permanent injury and this is not part of the the job. Barking Bathhouse is not responsible for any skin or coat issues after your dog is shaved.  I am happy to do mixed breeds including moodles and cavoodles, but I dont do poodles and bichons in my mobile trailer.  A lot of time is spent driving in between dogs and I specialise in large and medium dogs. I also do not handstrip dogs for pet owners.

Thankyou for reading my website and I look for foreward to speaking with you about your puppy or dog . As a Dog Groomer I am always learning, remember …….. an open mind . Regards Adrian.